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Sunday 21st November 2021


Horse Name
Workout Details

ALANI Breezed 4F in 54.0
ATALANTA Breezed 3F in 39.3
ATTA GIRL SILVY Breezed 3F in 37.2
BELLA RIVA Breezed 4F in 49.4
C'EST LA VIE Breezed 3F in 37.1
CITY OF GOLD Breezed 4F in 54.0
COMANDANTE Breezed 4F in 51.3
COUNTRY SIGN Breezed 3F in 40.3
COUP D' ETAT Breezed 4F in 51.2
CP JET Breezed 3F in 41.0
EARLY BIRD Breezed 3F in 36.2
FAST'N'FURIOUS Paced 2F in 28.1
FINISHING TOUCH Breezed 3F in 39.4
GENERAL JN Breezed 4F in 50.0
GOLD FOR JOHN Paced 5F in 1:10.2
GOLDON D'OR Breezed 4F in 50.0
JON WIK Breezed 3F in 39.0
KOBE Paced 5F in 1:10.2
LA REINE Paced 2F in 27.4
LADY BIRD Breezed 4F in 50.0
MAKING HEADLINES Breezed 4F in 49.4
MANO Breezed 3F in 39.4
MANOS ARIBA Breezed 3F in 38.1
MARVEL VIGOR Breezed 5F in 1:06.2
MASTER OF WAR Breezed 4F in 49.3
MY PLEASURE Breezed 3F in 37.0
NEWS FLASH Breezed 4F in 49.4
PAWAN PUTRA Breezed 2F in 24.4
PRICE ALERT Breezed 3F in 37.1
PRINCE CONNOR Breezed 4F in 52.0
PRINCESS ALEX Paced 4F in 59.3
PURE STRIKE Paced 5F in 1:10.4
ROAD RAGE Breezed 4F in 51.2
SEA OF GDANSK Paced 5F in 1:12.2
SIGNAL NOTE Breezed 4F in 50.0
SMOOTH SAILING Paced 5F in 1:08.2
SUNSET CLOUD Breezed 3F in 36.0
SUPREMACY Breezed 2F in 25.4
TWITTER KING Breezed 4F in 55.2
UNO MAS Breezed 3F in 38.4
ZANZA Paced 4F in 56.0
ZELDA Paced 4F in 56.4
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