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Sunday 13th May 2018


Horse Name Workout Details Statisics Extras
A FLEETING MOMENT Breezed 4F in 49.2 Turf
ACTUS REUS Paced 3F in 44.0
AGAINST THE ODDS Breezed 4F in 51.0
ALWAYS READY Breezed 4F in 49.2 Turf
BLIND DATE Paced 3F in 42.2
BUFFALO SOLDIER Breezed 5F in 1:01.0
CAESAR COUNTRY Breezed 4F in 47.4
CANFIELD CASINO Paced 4F in 56.3
CAPE CANAVERAL Breezed 4F in 49.4
CHANGE AGENT Breezed 3F in 38.4 Turf
CHINTA Paced 2F in 29.3 Turf
CONQUEST BESPOKE Breezed 5F in 1:00.2
CONTROL UNIT Breezed 3F in 37.2
COUNTRY BOY Breezed 3F in 39.2
CRAMERS RULE Breezed 3F in 37.4
DANCIN DEPUTY Paced 5F in 1:13.2
DATSAMORE Breezed 4F in 51.1
DISCOULDRUN Breezed 4F in 48.1 Turf
DIVINE INSPIRATION Breezed 5F in 1:01.3
EMBRACE THE STORM Breezed 3F in 38.4 Turf
EX/ADORING RUBY'15 Paced 5F in 1:09.1
EX/DREAM GIRL'15 Breezed 3F in 39.0
EX/READY OR NOT'14 Paced 3F in 43.0
EX/SIKHARA'15 Breezed 3F in 38.1
FAST'N'FURIOUS Paced 5F in 1:12.0
FEEL THE HEAT Paced 3F in 42.0
FILLYOURPOCKET Breezed 4F in 48.2 Turf
FOLLOW SUIT Breezed 3F in 38.1
FORTUNE TELLER Breezed 4F in 49.2 Turf
GALAXY Breezed 5F in 1:01.0
GENERAL JN Breezed 4F in 47.3
GOLAZO Paced 5F in 1:09.1
GOLDEN BID Breezed 4F in 47.4
GOLDEN CHOICE Breezed 5F in 1:01.1
HEAT OF THE MOMENT Breezed 3F in 39.2
HOWSWEETITIS Breezed 4F in 48.2 Turf
HURRICANE HARRY Breezed 4F in 48.4
INDY ANNA BABY Breezed 2F in 25.4
IT'S ALL OVER Paced 3F in 44.0
IVANKA Breezed 3F in 40.0
JE T'AIME Breezed 2F in 25.4
KHALEESI Breezed 3F in 37.1
LEADING LADY Breezed 3F in 36.2
LOIS LANE Breezed 2F in 25.3 Turf
MAGICAL VICTORY Breezed 4F in 49.4
MAN OF TOMORROW Breezed 3F in 39.3
MANO Breezed 5F in 1:04.3
MASTER OF WAR Breezed 3F in 39.2
MOANA Breezed 4F in 49.2 Turf
MORNING BREEZE Breezed 2F in 24.3 Turf
MUSICAL SCORE Breezed 3F in 38.1
MYRA MARY Breezed 3F in 37.2
NO MAN'S LAND Breezed 5F in 1:05.1 Turf
NO MORE REGRETS Breezed 4F in 54.3
ONE FORTHEROAD Breezed 5F in 1:01.2
PAUSEFORACOORS Breezed 3F in 34.4
PONTIUS PILATE Breezed 3F in 38.0
PRINCE OF BELLEVUE Breezed 5F in 1:00.3 Turf
PRINCESS SOPHIA Breezed 4F in 52.1
PURE INNOCENCE Paced 4F in 56.1 Turf
PURE STRIKE Breezed 4F in 53.2 Turf
RAEVEN RENAE Paced 5F in 1:10.3
RED WINE Paced 3F in 44.1
REGGAE RHYTHM Paced 5F in 1:08.2
RIVER SECRET Paced 4F in 56.3
ROCK IN PEACE Breezed 5F in 1:01.1
ROOT OF JESSE Paced 4F in 55.0 Turf
SAN ANTONIO Paced 3F in 43.2
SANTA CRUZ LADY Paced 4F in 58.0
SET SAIL Breezed 5F in 1:00.3 Turf
STAR OF WONDER Breezed 4F in 53.3
STOCKYARD Breezed 5F in 58.4
STREAKING FAR Breezed 4F in 48.0
SUNSET CLOUD Paced 3F in 43.4
SWEET ACTION Paced 3F in 44.0
THE HEAT IS ON Breezed 4F in 50.1
THE KING'S GIFT Breezed 4F in 52.2
THE TACTICIAN Paced 4F in 56.4
TIGER'S EYE Paced 3F in 42.4
TIZ A VIBE Breezed 4F in 54.3
TOWERING Breezed 4F in 49.4
TRANSPIRE Paced 3F in 43.4
TRINI AVIATOR Breezed 3F in 36.0 Turf
TRINI GAL Breezed 3F in 39.0
UNO MAS Breezed 4F in 49.2 Turf
UNSETTLED Breezed 3F in 38.0 Turf
WAR BRIGADE Breezed 4F in 51.4
WARMONGER Breezed 4F in 48.0
WHISPER LIGHT Breezed 3F in 37.2
WINNING REPORT Breezed 2F in 23.3
WYATT EARP Breezed 2F in 25.3 Turf
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