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Saturday 15th January 2022


Horse Name
Workout Details

ALANI Paced 2F in 29.4
ALPHA CENTAURI Breezed 4F in 53.1
BLUE AGAVE Paced 2F in 29.4
CROWN PRINCE Paced 2F in 29.4
DESERT DANCER Paced 2F in 29.4
KOBE Paced 5F in 1:14.2
PATTA PATTA Paced 4F in 59.4
SOCA HARMONY Paced 5F in 1:14.2
SOCA SYMPHONY Paced 3F in 44.4
STROKE OF LUCK Paced 3F in 44.4
TOP OF THE GAME Paced 2F in 29.1
WISE GUY Paced 4F in 59.4
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