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Sunday 02nd July 2017


Horse Name Workout Details Statisics Extras
A FLEETING MOMENT Breezed 3F in 36.3
ACTUS REUS Breezed 4F in 54.4
ALWAYS READY Breezed 4F in 54.3
AMRITSAR Breezed 3F in 36.3
BATTLE CRY Breezed 3F in 40.4
BIG IN CLASS Breezed 3F in 39.2
BIGMAN IN TOWN Breezed 4F in 51.4
BLACK ONYX Breezed 3F in 37.1
BRAVE VENTURE Breezed 3F in 38.0
BUFFALO SOLDIER Breezed 4F in 49.1
CENTRAL SQUARE Breezed 3F in 37.1
CHAMELI Breezed 4F in 54.1
CITY OF GOLD Paced 3F in 44.4
COUNTRY BOY Breezed 3F in 39.2
CRIMINAL INTENT Breezed 3F in 34.1
DESERT DANCER Breezed 2F in 24.0
DON PEDRO Breezed 3F in 37.1
EATMYDUST Paced 2F in 29.4
ERRAZURIZ Breezed 4F in 49.1
EYE SEE YOU Breezed 3F in 40.1
FILLYOURPOCKET Breezed 3F in 39.2
FINAL NOTICE Paced 4F in 58.1
GALAXY Paced 3F in 43.0
GEARSHIFT Paced 4F in 56.4
HELENA'S PRIDE Paced 4F in 59.2
JUST HONEST Breezed 4F in 52.0
KODO Breezed 4F in 53.0
LADY MESSIAH Breezed 4F in 52.0
LEADING LADY Paced 2F in 29.4
LITTLE CASINO Breezed 3F in 39.2
LOCATOR Breezed 3F in 38.4
LOUISVILLE GAL Breezed 3F in 37.0
MADIBA Paced 3F in 43.1
MAFIA MAN Breezed 3F in 39.2
MAIN SAIL Breezed 4F in 52.0
MAN ON FIRE Breezed 3F in 37.4
MONEY MATTERS Breezed 4F in 52.0
NISKY'S BOY Breezed 4F in 49.1
ONE FORTHEROAD Paced 2F in 27.1
PART TIME LOVER Breezed 3F in 38.4
PEACE N GLORY Paced 2F in 29.4
REGGAE RHYTHM Paced 3F in 44.2
RIDE THE TIDE Paced 2F in 29.3
RIO GRANDE Paced 2F in 27.3
ROUGH'N TUMBLE Breezed 3F in 37.3
ROYAL MOON Breezed 4F in 49.1
SAINT HONEY Breezed 2F in 25.4
SAN ANTONIO Breezed 3F in 38.0
SEA OF GDANSK Paced 3F in 42.1
SHINING EXAMPLE Breezed 3F in 39.4
SPECIAL MOMENTS Breezed 3F in 39.2
STOCKYARD Breezed 5F in 1:01.3
SWEET CITY WOMAN Paced 3F in 42.3
TENIENTE CORONEL Breezed 5F in 1:01.3
THE BIG SAINT Paced 3F in 43.3
THE HEAT IS ON Paced 3F in 43.0
TIZ A VIBE Breezed 5F in 1:01.1
TRINI NAVIGATOR Breezed 3F in 36.3
WONDERBABE Breezed 3F in 36.3
ZHILIANG Paced 5F in 1:13.2
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