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Sunday 05th May 2019



AMERICAN DILLON Breezed 4F in 50.4
APOCALYPSE Paced 3F in 44.3
BLAZING SPIRIT Breezed 3F in 38.3
BUFFALO SOLDIER Breezed 5F in 1:02.2
CAESAR COUNTRY Breezed 4F in 51.3
CRYING TO RUN Breezed 2F in 23.2 Gates
DAKOTA Breezed 3F in 39.2
DESERT DANCER Breezed 3F in 34.4
EL CHAPO Breezed 2F in 28.4
EL JEFE Breezed 5F in 1:05.2
FEEL THE HEAT Breezed 3F in 40.1
GENERAL JN Breezed 6F in 1:18.2
GOLD FOR JOHN Paced 3F in 44.1
GOLDEN DAY Breezed 3F in 36.1
GOLIATH'S BOY Breezed 4F in 49.2
GUS NO FUSS Breezed 5F in 1:00.2
HEADLINE NEWS Paced 3F in 44.3
JUST IMAGINE Paced 2F in 27.2
KHAL DROGO Paced 3F in 43.2
KHALEESI Breezed 4F in 52.0
KING ARTHUR Paced 3F in 41.4
LA REINE Breezed 4F in 50.0
LEONARDO PRAYER Breezed 5F in 1:06.3
LITTLE JOHN Breezed 4F in 52.2
MAGISTERIAL Paced 4F in 59.3
MARCONI Breezed 3F in 35.4 Gates
MARKET LEADER Breezed 3F in 35.1 Gates
MIDNIGHT CASANOVA Breezed 3F in 36.1
MISS WHIRL Breezed 2F in 24.1
MOANA Breezed 5F in 1:05.0
MON CHERI Breezed 4F in 50.4
MONEY MATTERS Paced 5F in 1:11.1
MUSICAL SCORE Breezed 4F in 51.4
MYRA MARY Paced 3F in 41.3
NO MORE REGRETS Breezed 4F in 50.4 Gates
OKEECHOBEE BOY Breezed 5F in 1:07.1
OVERANALYZATION Breezed 3F in 39.3
PAUSEFORACOORS Breezed 4F in 47.1
PRINCE GEORGE Paced 4F in 56.3
PRINCE OF BELLEVUE Breezed 4F in 54.0
PRINCESS SOPHIA Breezed 3F in 35.0
PRINCESS SURI Paced 3F in 44.2
RAVISHING Breezed 3F in 34.0
REGAL INTENSION Breezed 3F in 37.2
RISK TO RICHES Breezed 5F in 1:02.2
RIVERINE Breezed 3F in 35.4 Gates
ROUGH'N TUMBLE Breezed 3F in 40.1
SEA OF GDANSK Breezed 3F in 37.3
SET SAIL Breezed 2F in 25.2
SEXY EYES Paced 5F in 1:14.2
SIMON PETER Breezed 3F in 35.1 Gates
SIMPLE SIDE Breezed 5F in 1:07.2
SPOKE IN YUH WHEEL Breezed 5F in 1:06.3
SPRING GARDEN Breezed 4F in 51.0
STOCKYARD Breezed 4F in 50.2
STREAKING FAR Breezed 5F in 1:05.2
THE GATSBY Breezed 4F in 49.3
THE VERDICT Breezed 5F in 1:04.4
TIGER'S EYE Breezed 4F in 51.0
TOWERING Breezed 5F in 1:00.2
TREASURE QUEEN Breezed 4F in 49.2
TRINI AVIATOR Breezed 3F in 36.4
TRUSTY ROSE Breezed 5F in 1:04.4
WHISPER LIGHT Breezed 4F in 51.3
WOTS TO REPORT Paced 4F in 59.3
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